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The majority of Australians are not aware of the conditions of their roofs in both of their residential and commercial buildings. This is because roof damage and deterioration is difficult to see. Quite a number of those roofs require roof restoration. This refers to the process of using highly-engineered coating services in order to ‘restore’ an existing roof deck to a new condition. Basically, it involves cleaning, repairing, resealing, repainting, recoloring of the roofing materials used. We offer a range of restoration services throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas.

The following are some advantages of roof restoration:

  • Extension of the life of the roof.
  • Prevention of leaks.
  • Adding value to the home.
  • Improving energy efficiency.
  • Aesthetic purposes.


Commercial and Residential Property Restoration Materials

There are various ways of roof restoration.

Concrete Tile Restoration

To start with, concrete roofing tiles are made up of water, sand, and cement and are an option for roof restoration. Furthermore, they can last for over 40 years when taken care of on regular basis.

Moreover, it is strong and resistant to fire. A client can choose any of the three main appearances of the concrete roofing:

  • Flat profile (flat tile).
  • Low profile (has a slight curve in the tile).
  • High profile (has a dramatic curve).

However, the use of concrete roofing tiles in roof restoration has a few disadvantages. These include the high cost of concrete, a difficulty in installation, and the heavy weight of concrete.

Terracotta Tile Restoration

Second, terracotta roofing tiles are beautiful and popular. They are made of clay and their lifespan is approximately 50 years. They are resistant to salt and therefore ideal in coastal areas. In addition, they offer thermal protection, keep the home cool or warm depending on the season. Furthermore, they are fire resistant. However, they can vary in their color, can have a tedious installation process, and are easily broken when hit by large and solid objects.

Metal Roof Restoration

Steel or metal roofing is a popular roof restoration option. It has several advantages. First, it offers the greatest energy efficiency among the roofing types. This saves the cost of heating and cooling. Second, it is resistant to the impact of living in harsh environments. This is suitable in some parts of Australia which are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Lastly, they are eco-friendly. This is because they are made up of recyclable materials. However, steel roofing can be noisy, costly, and can dent of debris falls on top of the roof.
Overall, all the three options have their pros and cons. It is therefore important that one considers several factors in reaching a decision. Such factors include the budget, installation, and the physical location of a property. If need be, seeking the advise of an expert can help one reach a sound decision.

The preferences regarding roof restoration largely depends on the restoration types available, weather considerations, and the materials that were originally used to make the roof. In this regard, using the services of a reputable roofing company will shield you from getting a poor quality roofing service.

Overall, roof restoration is far much cheaper, less noisy, and takes less time than a complete replacement of the roof.

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