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We provide lost of different roofing services, everything from minor repairs, to installing completely new roofing. One of our specialities is Colorbond roofing. Colorbond is a steel product used for roofing, and is particularly suited to homes in Australia.

 What Is Colorbond Roofing?

Colorbond roofing is a brand name of a coated steel product designed and manufactured by Australian company Bluescope Steel. Historically, iron has been used for building in Australia since the 1850’s because of its strength and the fact that it was lightweight and transportable. The material was however, unattractive, and needed to be re-painted regularly.

Enter Colorbond, a galvanized steel with paint bound to it. Colorbond is now the metal building material of choice in Australia, and provides both protection and style to a home.

 Why Use Colorbond?

First off, if your building has a flat roof, or a very shallow slope, Colorbond is the only real option. Colorbond roofing is also stylish though, and is not only used out of necessity; architects who want to create a modern feel, design with Colorbond in mind, and also consider its use for situations where ordinary tiles won’t suffice.

Colorbond is an increasingly popular choice, and is a material that we are fully qualified to install, and always enjoy working with. It is durable and built for giving you protection in harsh Australian conditions; it is non-combustible, fully weather tight, termite proof, and resistant to all manner of extreme climate.

Benefits Of ColorBond Roofing?

  • Comes in 22 different colors to match your preference, and to give a beautiful and stylish feel to your home.
  • Suited to any type of roof; contemporary, traditional, curved, and even concave.
  • 45 years of testing in the harshest of Australian conditions, proving its immense durability.
  • Thermally effective when properly insulated, helping you to stay cool in the sunshine, and warm when it is cold outside. New colors in the range include thermatech technology, which optimizes the solar reflectance even further.
  • Colorbond is more environmentally friendly than some other roofing materials; steel is recyclable, and transportation, storage, and waste is general lessened through its use.
  • Can be used to add and change color schemes of the house.


We offer all services relating to Colorbond roofing, including full and part installations, and repairs in where they are needed. We work with you to discuss the options, and you pick a color scheme. Colorbond can improve your home dramatically, and can make your living conditions perfect for the climate that you live in.

Service areas

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